April 07, 2019

So Close, Yet So Far

I offer my very deep and sincere thanks to those who made donations in response to my post. You've almost succeeded in pulling me away from the abyss of disaster. Unfortunately, I'm still $230.00 short of what I need for the April rent.

I would dearly love to be able to pay the rent by early Monday (tomorrow) morning. If I could do that, it would almost be as if I hadn't been late with the rent at all (almost). And since I will need the cooperation of my current landlord in making the move out of here, it would be wonderful if any further lateness could be avoided. Good relations can be crucial in situations like these, so any help in reaching the rental goal sometime today would be fantastic, and hugely appreciated. (And to be sure, it would still be greatly appreciated tomorrow!)

In addition to addressing all the tasks associated with the coming move, I'm also doing my best to get the writing started again. For the last month, I've had in mind a series of posts, with the working title, "Listen, While I Lie to You." These days, it seems to me that everywhere I turn, lies are the coin of the realm. It's true not only in politics -- although lies are obviously the common language of that corrupt trade (and one of the first articles in the series will be the completion of my discussion of the Cohen testimony, and the avalanche of lies encountered in any discussion of the Russiagate controversy) -- but in science (or "science," as it should perhaps now be designated), and cultural events generally. And the theme of lies has many connections to much of my writing about the profoundly damaging lies inflicted on young children by parents and other authority figures. I think it will prove to be a rich area of exploration, and I already have seven prime examples ready for analysis.

So I'd like to get to all of that as quickly as I can, but the first step has to be taking care of the rent. Any help will be greeted with exclamations of joy, and any and all other indications of happiness you deem appropriate (or inappropriate, as the case may be).

Thank you, as always. Your kindness and generosity continue to overwhelm me.

April 05, 2019

Very Sick, Very Scared

So. The last several months have been especially awful health-wise. And the last couple of weeks ... on some days, I could barely get out of bed at all. Simply exhausted, and felt terrible. Barely ate, too, which probably was no help. Anyway, over the last few days, I've become a bit more mobile, and then last night I realized ...

Today is the fifth of the month, the last day on which I can pay my rent without being officially late. And I'm about $1,000 short of what I need. If you add in internet and phone service, it's closer to $1,200. The situation would be worse than that, but for a very kind donor who recently made a donation which will cover food for most of the month.

I will contact the property manager in a while, to let him know the rent payment will be late. He and I have a good relationship, and I've only been late a couple of times in the last few years. So it shouldn't be a problem if I get the money together by Monday or Tuesday. But if it's later than that, I'll probably be in serious trouble. Remember: we only have until June 5 to get out of this building, so they can tear it down, put up an immensely more profitable building, and charge two or three times the current rents. If they can evict anyone for nonpayment of rent, they might leap at the chance. So I'd like to avoid that, if at all possible.

My very bad health also means that I'm way behind in finding a new place to live. Two months left! I think I'm so unnerved at this point that I'm approaching numbness. I shall simply have to pull myself together as best I can, and get on with it. (I have identified several good possibilities for a new place, but haven't yet been able to follow through on them.)

And I had planned a lot of writing for March. I truly had. This weekend, I'll go back over my notes and see if I can revive some of it. And start publishing some posts, and acting as if I'm not dead yet. 'Cause, you know, I'm not.

If you can help out with the financial situation, that would be great. Given my health, homelessness would be ... well, I won't say that, but you probably know what I'm thinking.

My deepest thanks, as always. Bless you for your kindness.