March 31, 2013

Some Crappy Resurrection

Well, I barely managed to get my rent payment in the mail. Barely, in two senses: I had just enough money to cover it, thanks to the wonderful generosity of a few dedicated donors, who appear to care that I continue to exist even when I'm unable to write (and special thanks to a few of you who are especially kind, including one person who is very kind via snail mail -- yes, it arrived safely, thank you!); and I just managed to walk the few blocks to get the cash and then the money order needed for the rent. For those of you (which is most of you) who are younger than I am and in good health: please try not to take such things for granted. The day will come when it takes all your strength to execute the simplest of tasks; even taking out the garbage is a monumental feat for me now.

But I realize such a message has very little effect. Such thoughts didn't mean that much to me when I was younger. Stupid me. By the time we finally acquire a small bit of insight, it's too late to do us any damned good. And it doesn't do anyone else any damned good, because almost nobody cares about certain kinds of thoughts.

Along those lines, I need to explain a few things, primarily because I don't see anyone else doing it. One of the first subjects I need to address is why, at this historical moment and in this culture, dissent is bullshit. And for the most part, dissenters are bullshitters. Not only that: most dissenting writers willingly become grovelling supplicants, tearfully begging for a few crumbs of pity from monsters. An altogether nauseating spectacle.

At present, the last thing anyone should be concerned with is dissent. What should you be concerned with? Ah, that's where it gets interesting, at least I find it so.

And there are a few other subjects I need to address, before time runs out for me completely. I'll try to cobble together a few posts in the next week. It may take a bit longer; the only reliable aspect of my body now is that it's completely unreliable. I never know what a new morning will bring, or the afternoon or evening for that matter.

I still need to pay a few other bills; most importantly, I have to pay an electric bill and one for internet service. They're due in a week. But I'm broke now, except for a hundred bucks I'm keeping for food and whatnot. So I would be enormously grateful for a few donations, just enough to keep me afloat a while longer.

And you want to know why dissent is bullshit, don't you? Sure you do. It took me a lifetime to understand it. I'm just trying to save you some time, as well as some heartbreak.

Many thanks. Now, I'll try to start organizing a few thoughts...

March 06, 2013

Bad Times

I'm very sorry for the lack of posting. I'm working on several articles, but the work goes very slowly. My health is awful at the moment, and it's impossible for me to concentrate for the required periods of time. So I rest, a lot, and try to get through the crises when they arise. These are frequently scary times for me.

Perhaps I'll have something ready next week. That's my hope at least, but who knows at this point.

Here's hoping we meet again soon.