August 21, 2011

And Our Suitably Shabby Award for Risible Achievement in Fiction Goes to...


Not a single goddamned word deserves to be credited as truth, to even the smallest fragmentary degree. With regard to all such exercises in self-pleasuring by the Death State which rules us and lays waste to ever larger swathes of the world abroad and at home, I can offer only this paraphrase of a famous remark:
Every word they dictate is a lie, including "and" and "the."
The proof of my claim lies before the world, it is scalded into countless mangled bodies and ruined lives, yet very few people will accept it.

I remind you that virtually every aspect of this glorious exercise in murder has been revised multiple times, with later versions often directly contradicting earlier ones. When individuals act this way in our personal lives and do so repeatedly, and assuming we function as adults prepared to draw necessary conclusions from available facts, we acknowledge the compelled judgment: the person is a rotten, lying bastard. He or she has lost any and all claims to credibility. Their own behavior causes us to reject all the person's statements absent compelling evidence from independent sources.

I'm prepared to accept that something happened that night in Pakistan. Probably. Maybe. And absolutely nothing else at all.

That, in turn, causes me to ask: What in hell has everyone been yammering about? You should never permit a web of lies to drain you of precious resources: time, and thought.

I strongly suggest that you stop it immediately.

P.S. About this, toward the end of the article: "For God and country. Geronimo."

Jesus Fuck. All other words fail.