September 03, 2008


For those new to these parts, I'm a lefty-anarchist-faggot. Besides which, I'm sick and dirt poor, which gives you kind of a different perspective on things, ya know? Sooo...I have no intention of voting for either Obama or McCain. I think the whole system is rotten and corrupt, from the top to the bottom, inside and out and everywhere in between.

But listening to Sarah Palin (no teevee, just listening), I tell you this: this woman is formidable. A note to Democrats and many of the liberal-progressive political operatives bloggers: Don't fuck with her, boys. Disagree with her on policy all you want, and attack her for her political positions (all of which I disagree with, and many of which I loathe) -- but do not fuck with her. For all the misogynist pigs out there (and Christ, there are a hell of a lot of you, aren't there? Do y'all hate on gays when you need to kill some time? Betcha do. Oh, yeah, many of you have that one going, too.), the emphasis is on boyz. You'll get your heads handed to you. She did a lot of that tonight, and something tells me she's just warming up.

Formidable. Take it to the bank. You know, the one that just got taken over by the FDIC. Oh, yeah, this system is doing just fine.

Don't fuck with her, or with her family. You'll be sorry. But you won't listen. You pride yourselves on never listening to anyone who isn't "smart" in exactly the ways you think you are.

God, this is going to be fun. Now I can hardly wait.