January 07, 2008

Bad Times

[BACK SOON NOW: I hope so, anyway. Oh, out of practice: I'm writing this on Sunday, February 3. You're all busy with Super Bowl parties and whatnot, so maybe I can slip this in without anyone noticing. Better the Super Bowl than politics, for crap's sake. With regard to politics and related matters, I see that you've continued to muck things up completely while I've been gone. No surprise there. Guess I'd better get back to writing, to return you to the right path. After all, I am well aware of the hugely influential and transformative power of my writing!


Okay, then. It's been a terrible time. Don't ask. Seriously. You don't want to know. The cats and I are slowly reassembling our battered bodies and psyches. We've all survived, although not exactly in great shape. Oh, well. On we go.

Look for me later this week. I'll probably be around here someplace.]

Very rotten health, my own and that of two of my cats (theirs not as poor as mine, thank God), plus several other developments that are distressing, upsetting and possibly exceedingly bad news. I'm having a difficult time getting a handle on even one part of it, let alone all or most of it.

I would say I hope to be back to posting somewhat regularly toward the end of the week, but I had hoped to be able to do that last week. So basically, who knows? I don't. I'll be back when I can.

Oh, yes: Happy New Year. I hope it is for you. At the moment, my prospects are far from bright.