February 11, 2013

Killer at Large, Panic Ensues

Everyone on talk radio in Los Angeles goes on and on about just a single topic these days. I'm sure the same is true in much of the rest of the country. It's a huge national story.

A man has murdered several people, and he's threatened to murder many more. He says he has his reasons, and he thinks they're good reasons. He thoughtfully published his reasons so all of us can consider them. But when you read what he's said about why he's killing people, you realize it doesn't make any sense. He uses words that are familiar to us, but he uses them to mean whatever he wants them to mean. In the end, his reasons are just a lot of nonsense.

And he's killing people who have nothing at all to do with what he claims are the justifications for his murders. Even if you grant the legitimacy of what he says are his reasons, the particular murders still make no sense. He appears to be killing whoever happens to cross his path when the urge to murder overcomes him.

I'm confident they'll catch him soon. After all, we've seen him on television a lot. Someone is sure to get a glimpse of him any day now. He can't hide forever, can he?

So I'm sure he'll be safely behind bars in short order, and then everyone can relax.

It will be fine. I think we should all calm down. Obama will be locked up very soon.


I'm reminded of a post from December 2011: "The Face of the Killer Who Is Your President."

I will add that rereading the passage at the conclusion of that article, especially after the hideous spectacle of the Brennan hearing last week, was chilling to me in a manner I hadn't expected. I find it extraordinarily difficult to make fully real to myself how deeply damaged and sick this country is. To understate the matter in lamentably inadequate fashion: this will not end well.

In that connection, the manhunt still going on is frighteningly instructive in certain respects, and I will have some comments about that in the next day or two.