February 06, 2013

Help Requested

I sincerely regret the lack of posting here over the last month. At the moment, I'm in very bad shape physically. I've spent most of the last two weeks in bed. When I get up, I sometimes have a tendency to fall over. Obviously, I should be under a doctor's care, and I should probably be in the hospital. And I've often considered calling 911, but since the last experience was so awful ... so I try to survive. A 911 call may still lie in the near future.

There is a lot of writing I have planned. I managed to get one post up a little while ago; that was driven by this week's news about Brennan, the "white paper," and so on. I hope to finish the final part of that article in the next day or two. But it's been close to impossible for me to write recently given the health problems. (All explained here, if you came in late.)

There didn't seem to be a problem with my January rent payment, as I had feared. That was a relief, but there are odd and upsetting things happening with the new owners of my apartment building. Too depressed and distracted by it to describe it all in detail at the moment. But my anxiety about the future is steadily increasing, which is not exactly helpful.

And as you undoubtedly already realized, since I did manage to pay the February rent with the help of some wonderfully kind readers, I'm now almost completely broke. I have a little over a hundred dollars, which means that if anything at all happens, I'm completely sunk.

You may be aware that Andrew Sullivan just raised some ungodly sum of money through donations (what is it, close to a million dollars by now? fucking Christ). If he can raise that amount basically by being a horrible, stupid human being, perhaps I can still raise a little bit through donations by not being horrible and stupid (at least, not as much of the time, but Sullivan is far more experienced at such matters than I am).

As always, I'm deeply grateful for your consideration and generosity. After finishing the first part of that new article, I'm going to retire to bed once again, surrounded by two wonderfully furry and loving companions. Hope to be back tomorrow.

Many thanks.