June 17, 2011

Progressive Heroes Poopyheads

Now, I don't want you to worry. I'm painfully aware that my spectacularly immense enjoyment of the pageant of progressive schmucks making fools of themselves in Minneapolis reveals something dark and twisted in my soul. With the dedicated help of a team of highly trained therapists, I am sincerely endeavoring to remedy these disturbing defects in my character.

Aw, who am I kidding. I lied! I love this shit:
The frustrations and the fears that progressives feel about President Obama were on full display Thursday as thousands of them flocked to Minneapolis for the sixth annual Netroots Nation conference.

Former Wisconsin senator Russ Feingold said he hoped that Obama will be re-elected, but he urged the president to stand up to corporate interests, demanding that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling become a focal point of the 2012 campaign.

“Sometimes we have to be very direct with the Democratic Party. Just as you have long pushed our Democrats to stand up for their ideals, I’m here this evening to ask you to redouble your efforts because I fear that the Democratic Party is in danger of losing its identity,” Feingold said in his keynote address to a crowd of around 2,400 progressive activists and bloggers here at the Minneapolis Convention Center, the most ever for the event.


Former DNC chairman Howard Dean also addressed the opening day of the conference, noting that “grousing about the president is a stage we have to go through.” Dean said he will continue to support the president, but rather than focus on Obama, he suggested, people should focus on what they can do in their own communities.

“We are responsible for the change we can believe in,” he said. “Change does not come from Washington, DC. Change comes from the bottom up.”
How can you not love this shit?

Every blogger and writer who is conscious and even fractionally honest now acknowledges that Obama has doubled down on every single policy of Bush's that the progressives had condemned so loudly and for so long. Moreover, Obama has gone beyond Bush's profoundly awful record in certain critical respects. And never, ever forget that Obama and his administration claim the "right" to murder anyone in the world, wherever he or she may be, for whatever reason they choose -- or for no reason at all. (Also, see this.)

But it's their guy doing it so, hey, no prob. Obama normalizes every horror of the Bush administration and adds some new horrors of his own, and the progressives are "frustrated." They're "grousing." It's "a stage [they] have to go through," like misbehaving seven-year-olds. I guess we can't exactly blame Dean for infantilizing these idiots. They are a lot like children -- not healthy children, I emphasize, but very badly damaged and not terribly bright children.

With regard to the actions and policies to which the progressives had claimed to be so passionately opposed, their willingness to dance to the new tune means exactly what I said a few years ago:
In the event, [the progressives] didn't prove me wrong; to the contrary, they demonstrated the truth of what I had still hoped, however faintly, wasn't true. But what was demonstrated to be true was simply that virtually everything the Democrats and progressives claimed to be their fervent concern was merely instrumental: that is, they staked out the positions they did for their perceived political advantage, and for the assistance those positions would provide in regaining and consolidating power.

In the end, that was the only goal, the only purpose toward which everything else was directed: the achievement and maintenance of power.
I do love that Feingold "urged the president to stand up to corporate interests" -- oh, he urged him! such courage! -- just as I adore his claim that "the Democratic Party is in danger of losing its identity." Well, Russ, if you weren't such a dedicated Democratic partisan, you might begin to grasp that the Democratic Party has revealed its identity more clearly, as opposed to its marketing lies. For a discussion of how political tribalism and a commitment to preexisting beliefs can render people who had once appeared to be smart irreversibly dumb, see "Blinded by the Story."

So these pathetic poopyheads invite me to repeat this summation of their stunning brilliance as political tacticians. (Remember that they're the "realistic" ones. Hahahahahahahahaha. Christ, I think I hurt myself.) I wrote this in September 2007, you schmucks with sponges for brains:
In short: the ruling elites do not care what you think. I repeat: they do not care.

Oh, yes, they care to some extent when elections come around -- but any such concern Democratic politicians might have for certain voters' views is obliterated by one consideration loudly and repeatedly announced by almost every liberal and progressive blogger. As I've noted before (with regard to the vacuous, narcissistic bloviating of that great political thinker, Markos Moulitsas), the Washington Democrats know you will continue to vote for them no matter what they do.

When you approach the negotiating table and tell your opponent you'll give him everything he wants before you even sit down, exactly how successful do you think those negotiations will be from your perspective? Yet this is precisely what the liberal and progressive bloggers do time after time after time -- and then they profess amazement when the Democrats act in ways opposed to those same bloggers' views. And note this is not even about all voters' views, just the views of some of them. Since you'll vote for them anyway no matter what they do, why the hell should they care? Sure, you're "alienated" for the moment -- but who are you gonna vote for in November 2008, hmm? They already know the answer to that question.
And here we are four years later.

This is the point at which you are fully justified in concluding that these lying shitheads don't learn because they don't want to. In the end, they're perfectly content with things exactly as they are. Among other factors, permanent -- but toothless and meaningless -- "frustration," "grousing" and so on might more accurately be termed: The Full Employment Act for Professional "Dissenters." I do believe some people are making a pretty penny out of this nauseating charade.

In addition to the post linked above concerning the mahvelous Moulitsas, please take a look at another post about the performance of the liberals-progressives in the Age of Obama: "Exceptionally Awful." I especially like the passage about some notably sickening remarks from Moulitsas and Joan Walsh toward the end.

I suppose I need to attend another therapy session now.

To hell with it. I'm having too much goddamn fun.