January 11, 2009

The Problem, Informally Stated

I see that our president-to-be has told George Stephanopoulos that: "Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game."

It would appear to be news to Mr. Barack Obama that "ordinary" Americans are already being fucked to death and screwed 500 ways to Sunday, all to support the ruling class in its inordinate wealth and power. But what the hell: "everybody" is going to be screwed all over again.

Not, however, the ruling class. On that point, you may be absolutely certain. Obama is the perfect embodiment of the ruling class, and he will do their bidding and serve their interests, and no one else's at all. And you will be entirely fucked over. More. Again. For the rest of your life.

I see that George and Barack discussed the economic cratering of the United States, the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, and Mr. Obama's "plans for the Middle East, including a potential crisis with Iran."

"A potential crisis with Iran." Fuck that lie, sweetie, babykins, doll face.

They also talked about possible terrorist strikes in the U.S., and "whether an Obama Administration will move to investigate and prosecute Bush Administration officials for war crimes."

Not happening, honeybunch. For the same reason the Dems never impeached any of these sons of bitches:
[F]or the reasons set forth above (and a full case would fill many volumes), the Democrats are not going to impeach any of these criminals, barring events entirely unforeseeable at present. And they will not for one overwhelmingly significant and determinative reason: always with regard to the underlying principles, and frequently with regard to the specifics, the Democrats are implicated in every single crime with which they would charge the members of the administration. The Republicans' crimes are their crimes.
As I noted in that long ago post, this is true with regard to both broad principles and many specifics. We might call the latter point the "Pelosi problem."

And that's just one example of Democratic complicity that we know about. Think about all the examples we don't know about, which is everything else. Do you seriously believe for one moment that an Obama administration will pursue prosecutions for war crimes -- when the obvious and already known targets of such prosecutions would include leading Democrats? Including Mr. Obama himself, please let us not forget. Sure, schmoopie. Dream on, apple cheeks.

And after all this, Georgie Porgie tells us:
The big treat of the day was having Malia and Sasha Obama tour visit [sic!] our This Week control room. The girls got on my executive producer's headset and gave me the question they most want their Dad to answer. Find out what it was and how Obama answered tomorrow on "This Week."
We are a nation of goddamned fucking idiots.

With the most lethal weapons in all of human history.

A truly winning combination.