January 16, 2009



I have used this word before with regard to Obama's silence about the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, but it is the word that is most accurate: loathsome. Chris Floyd will keep you current on the latest episodes in this murderous devastation. I admit that I can barely stand to read the details myself. It truly is like that horrifying scene in Hud. It was sufficiently nauseatingly ghastly when cattle were involved.

At the opening of his latest entry on this horrific subject, Floyd writes:
More and more, comment on Israel's savage attack on the people of Gaza seems superfluous. The facts -- even the modicum of facts that can be gleaned through the deadly wall of Israeli censorship and the perverse and sinister distortions of the American media -- speak loudly, with horrifying clarity, for themselves. We are witnessing monstrous crimes, committed with cold deliberation: a bloodthirsty spectacle of unbridled terrorism, openly celebrated by the political and media elites of Israel and America.

This is, of course, the same kind of moral insanity that has raged around the American terrorist attack on Iraq for many years. It is the same moral insanity that guides the actions of power in many lands, in increasingly brazen and unapologetic ways, with less and less of the shamefaced furtiveness that once surrounded such abominations as military aggression, torture, "ethnic cleansing" and other crimes of power down through the centuries. This furtiveness was hypocrisy, of course -- but in hypocrisy there remains some vestige of the morality it falsely purports to uphold, some awareness that an evil thing is being done which must be hidden or disguised.

But now the masks are falling away -- or rather, they are being flung aside with gleeful abandon.
Obama assures us that, once he is sworn in, he will have "plenty to say" about Gaza. Sure. Despite the fact that all the evidence runs in the opposite direction, even if it were true that Obama would have a policy that differs significantly from current U.S. support for Israel's war crimes (which policy can hardly be a surprise to any sentient being, since the U.S. is expert in war crimes of this kind and on a much greater scale; with only two or three exceptions, our ruling class either cheers the crimes on or does absolutely nothing to stop them), a great number of innocent people are being killed now, as they were yesterday, as they will be tomorrow.

And still Obama says and does nothing.

The transformational, inspiring, transcendent Change-O-Bama trades a great deal on the mythology of Martin Luther King, as Obama plans to do again next week. Yet as I have often discussed, the popularized King mythology has nothing whatsoever to do with the reality of King's life and actual political convictions ("And the Sunday after King was assassinated, do you know what King was scheduled to preach that Sunday morning? His sermon title was 'Why America May Go to Hell.'").

But since Obama chooses to work this particular territory with his typically cheap dishonesty, here's a passage from King for his edification:
In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. Procrastination is still the thief of time. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked, and dejected with a lost opportunity. The tide in the affairs of men does not remain at flood -- it ebbs. We may cry out desperately for time to pause in her passage, but time is adamant to every plea and rushes on. Over the bleached bones and jumbled residues of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words, "Too late."
You should read that entire King speech if you don't recall the details, and you will appreciate the vast distance that separates King from this fraudulent liar who seeks to misappropriate King's name and reputation for the vile, murderous, bloody ends of Empire.

What can I say? How about this: Fuck you, Obama, you lying fraud, you war criminal. Fuck you, and fuck your historically historic fucking inauguration.