January 12, 2009

"Celebrate this historic event in U.S. history!"

[Now updated at the end! Oh my, yes, there is still more...]

It's kinda like a great comic moment in comedy, which occurs during a comedic presentation, which is comic.

Or a fantastic moment of sexual ecstasy which happens during sex, which takes place while having sex in a sexual kind of way. (Sign me up for that, toot sweet.)

Can I make up stuff like this? Don't have to make it up, hot buns.

I do enjoy (in a decidedly oddish kind of way) the quasi-Socialist Realism style of posters like the "Be the Change" one. Nothing new for the Obamites. Leaving aside arguments about the accuracy of the charge, it's ... ah, curious that, since lots of conservative types are hurling accusations of "Socialism!" about these days, the Obamites favor art which more than slightly recalls that associated with, well, unpleasant regimes. Do they utilize this artistic mode deliberately, with intent to provoke? Inquiring minds want to know, in a sort of inquiring way, as if asking for information as we seek to inquire about matters which puzzle us.

All in the inquiring pursuit of inquiry!

Smith mentions Albert Speer in connection with the seal, but that's because Smith appears to delight in being a provocative type. Some people see wonderfully fluffy, substanceless souffles and like nothing better than making them flatter than pancakes. I would never, ever do something like that. Or mention the 1930s.

Smith also says:
I look through the dismal kitsch on offer -- who, In God's name, and in what Prozacked twilight of the mind, designed that butt-ugly poster on the first page? -- and all I can think of is stuff that ought to be there and isn't. The Dead Palestinian Beanie Baby. Strictly limited to a few thousand per year!
The Dead Palestinian Beanie Baby. Sounds like a winner! Adorable.

We're in for an adorable four-eight-whatever years. So cute it might just kill you, along with lots of other people.

Realizing that the Obamites will have much more lethal weapons at their disposal -- which I also realize they will be more than eager to use -- I think it may be the adorable, glitzy, kitschy grandeur of it all that will do me in.

Smile when you kill me, Obama. Is that too much to ask? Nope.

UPDATED UPDATE, UPDATED UPDATEDLY: There's more! Yes, yes, there is! Cards! As in, you know, playing cards. From TOPPS! They're historically historic, and they historically document history!

Dear God, what could I possibly have done to deserve this embarrassment of riches? Please, please tell me. I implore you! Tell me!!!

So I can stop doing it, for pity's sake.

And to think there's still a week to go before he's officially president. Actually, I'd prefer not to think about that, thank you. Kitty cats, puppy dogs, fleecy clouds, a gentle brook...

A drink might help. Never too early in The First Year of Change-O-Bama. Only the first year, not even begun yet...

Deep breaths. Drink. More deep breaths. More drink.

We'll get through this. Yes, we can!

What did I just say? Oh, God...