August 27, 2008

Told You

From Biden's acceptance speech tonight:
[F]or the last seven years, the administration has failed to face the biggest forces shaping this century: the emergence of Russia, China and India as great powers; the spread of lethal weapons; the shortage of secure supplies of energy, food and water; the challenge of climate change; and the resurgence of fundamentalism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the real central front in the war on terror.

Ladies and gentlemen, in recent years and in recent days, we've once again seen the consequences of the neglect -- of this neglect, with Russia challenging the very freedom of a new democratic country of Georgia. Barack and I will end that neglect. We will hold Russia accountable for its actions, and we will help the people of Georgia rebuild.


Should you trust the judgment of John McCain, when he said only three years ago, "Afghanistan, we don't read about it anymore in papers because it succeeded"?

Or should you believe Barack Obama who said a year ago, "We need to send two more combat battalions to Afghanistan"?

The fact of the matter is, al Qaeda and the Taliban, the people who actually attacked us on 9/11, they've regrouped in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan and they are plotting new attacks. And the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has echoed Barack's call for more troops.


Should we trust John McCain's judgment when he rejected talking with Iran and then asked, "What is there to talk about?" Or Barack Obama, who said, "We must talk and make clear to Iran that it must change"?


Folks, remember when the world used to trust us, when they looked to us for leadership? With Barack Obama as our president, they'll look at us again, they'll trust us again, and we'll be able to lead again.
Senator, I say this with all due respect -- which in my judgment is precisely none -- but I don't want the United States government, Obama, you, or McCain to lead a goddamned thing.


I most definitely don't want Obama to lead a goddamned thing in accordance with the program analyzed here. It wouldn't do for the United States simply to mind its own damned business for a while, would it? No, it obviously wouldn't.

From my post of last week, "How Deeply Stupid Can Progressives Make Themselves?":
I will have more on certain of the subjects Lindorff touches on in the future. Among other things, I will explain why ObamCo will bring you serious imperialism once they take power. If you think you've seen imperialism under Bush, you're as stupid as Lindorff. Bush & Co. are vicious, murderous amateurs. The people who make up ObamCo -- see here, for some examples -- are vicious, murderous professionals. You haven't even begun to see real trouble, to say nothing of real slaughter and real devastation.
But you won't listen to me.

You just won't.

And see: The Hideous Horror of the Biden Selection

P.S. Biden also said this, in an extraordinarily revealing passage:
And when I got — when I got knocked down by guys bigger than me — and this is the God’s truth — [my mother] sent me back out and said, “Bloody their nose so you can walk down the street the next day.” And that’s what I did.
Biden has obviously learned that lesson very well indeed. Equally obvious is the fact that he has no idea what the lesson is.

I shall have much more to say about this particular issue soon -- and if you think this is not crucially related to foreign policy (and domestic policy, for that matter), you are absolutely, grievously wrong.