July 09, 2008

Very Sick

My apologies, but I'm having significant health problems this week, much worse than usual. I hope to be back in several days.

To avoid regrettable interruptions in our train of thought, I note that the Democratic-led Congress has defecated on the Constitution (again!), torn that document up into shreds (again!), and scattered those shreds (again!) on the pyre that rises ever higher in eager anticipation of the next chapter in Our Glorious War to Liberate All the Oppressed Peoples of The Several Worlds. Or, alternatively, Our Glorious War to Ensure the Continuation of Large-Scale Exploitation and Death, as well as Hegemony of the Bestest, Most Beautifullest Nation that Ever Was or Ever Could Be.

I think that covers it. Repeat those points each day until I return (or several times a day, to keep pace with the exalted wise men and women who rule us), and we'll all be on the same page when regular blogging resumes.

My apologies again for the unfortunate interruption.