April 29, 2008

Not So By the Way...

Is an Attack on Iran Imminent?

The Iraq War Morphs into the Iran War

The second of those articles, by Paul Craig Roberts, begins:
It is 1939 all over again. The world waits helplessly for the next act of naked aggression by rogue states. Only this time the rogue states are not the Third Reich and Fascist Italy. They are the United States and Israel.
1939. Indeed.

I recently made one last, desperate plea for action to try to stop this descent into genocidal, history-changing insanity. With the exception of a handful of people, no one even noticed.

Ooooooooooo, Barack! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Hillary! Grrrrrrrrrr, Jeremiah Wright! Maybe that "unity" crap that Obama spews endlessly is working after all. Everyone loathes Wright, except for a few America-hating, lunatic, over the top idiots like me. You all enjoy your Two Weeks Hate now. Hell, make it two months. Oh, you already have, haven't you? And some say the days of witch burning are over. Good one!

Morons. Sorry. Make that fucking morons.

One last point about the attack on Iran that will very likely come before Bush leaves office, and probably sometime this summer at the latest, a point that no one discusses: in the unfolding, bloody chaos following such an attack, chaos that will extend through the fall and long after, just exactly who do you think will be most helped by the hysteria that will engulf us, fueled by the always helpful mainstream media that will faithfully regurgitate and amplify the government propaganda? McCain -- or the Democratic presidential candidate, whether it be Obama or Clinton? If you think the Democrat will be helped the most, I suggest you do your best to wake up from that coma. It must restrict your range of action considerably. It's already paralyzed your ability to think entirely.

See ya in Obliteration Paradise. Oh, don't worry. If Bush doesn't do the deed, Obama or Clinton will. Fer shur, dude!

And to think that political bloggers are supposed to represent those Americans who are most informed about and engaged with current events. What a nauseating, ungraspably sickening spectacle it is.

Fucking. Morons.