March 06, 2007

More Good News for Conservatives!

I'm listening to Limbaugh about the Libby verdict. I've been very bad, and I must be punished.

I paraphrase (pretty closely to the original): "This is the best news for Republicans and conservatives there could be. All conservatives will now circle the wagons, after going dormant last fall for whatever reason. [Right, I simply cannot imagine what that reason might be.] The more the Democrats and liberals gloat, the better news it is for us. They are POKING THE BEAR! They'll be SORRY!!"

What is it about conservatives and bears? I mean, circling back to All Things Scooter, what? To say nothing of that poor deer. Screwing the deer.

Sigh. My, my, my.

The bottom line: Whatever happens, it's good news for the Bushistas.

This has been another edition of tomorrow's news today. One of the minor services we are happy to provide to you.

P.S. This is good. As his third hour begins, Limbaugh is explaining what actually got Libby in trouble. C'mon, you know: TALKING TO THE PRESS!! "Conservatives will never get a fair shake from the media! What got him in trouble? TALKING TO ALL THOSE JOURNALISTS!! Well...[sort of trailing off]...and then the grand jury and all that..."

It's all the fault of the "liberal media." You knew that. Never mind.