March 14, 2007


Via Eric Garris, Carah Ong writes:
[Monday] night, Rep. Pelosi and the Democratic leadership decided to pull language from the Supplemental Appropriations bill which stated that no funds may be authorized for military operations in or related to Iran unless specifically authorized by the Congress.

We DO have a chance to reverse this in committee, but we urgently need you to send action alerts to your constituents and make phone calls TODAY.

(800) 828-0498
(202) 224-3121

The Supplemental Appropriations bill is scheduled to be marked up in full committee Thursday (MARCH 15) at 9 am.

Please send action alerts to your constituents, encouraging them to write and, more importantly, call their members of Congress. Click here for a list of Members of the full Appropriations committee. If your Congressional representative is not on the committee, urge your Representative to tell Committee members to reinsert language back in the Supplemental Appropriations bill.
I have the very strong sense that the Democratic leadership has made its decision on this, and nothing will change their minds with regard to this particular bill.

HOWEVER, if they were to receive, say, 40,000 or 50,000 phone calls, and if the callers said they would not be voting for any of these pusillanimous weasels in 2008 unless this changes, they might have second thoughts...

Take 15 minutes. It certainly can't hurt. Do it.

I still think that the much broader educational effort I outlined here is absolutely critical. As I've said on several occasions since posting that entry, I don't view my suggestions as exactly rocket science. Anyone who genuinely wants to prevent what would be a regional or even a worldwide catastrophe, as well as a war crime on a scale that will place us forever among the ranks of the most monstrous nations in history, and what would also probably be a disaster for our remaining liberties here at home, could probably come up with any number of better ideas in an hour or less.

Still, when particular bills come up that are especially objectionable, and since the amount of time involved per individual is so minimal, these narrower questions need to be addressed, too.

UPDATE: Via Jon Schwarz, here's an email form you can use, too.