February 05, 2007

A Possibly Treasonous Error

Spotted at The Corner:
National Review is looking for an associate editor, a position with a year-long term. Applicants should have a talent for editing, a knowledge of public affairs, and an enthusiasm for National Review. Please send a letter of interest and résumé to....
Just before I read this notice, I had come across a penetrating insight from Mark Steyn (after Steyn informs us that the Guantanamo prisoners are among the most determined and evil of our enemies -- or not -- and that the well-heeled lawyers who defend them are pretty clearly in collusion with other evil enemies):
I agree that idle speculation isn’t terribly useful, but, given that The New York Times has managed to shut down the wire-transfer surveillance program, it’s pretty much all that’s left.
I think it's of vital importance, for the sake of both an informed and knowledgeable public and national security, that we appreciate how those who would do us great harm wouldn't have any idea at all about how our government tries to identify and track them, but for The New York Times. Our enemies are just that stupid and inept, and the Times is just that brilliant and clever. (It is, it is!) Besides which, we need to realize that the Times will do everything in its power to ensure the defeat of the United States.

The Times, in brief, is Smart and Evil. It is the real enemy.

"A talent for editing" and "a knowledge of public affairs" would deprive us of oodles of this and similar critical information, and put all of us in grave danger. Stop it, National Review. Think of America.