January 28, 2007

An Argument Too Far, Snowbird

The degree of intellectual acumen repeatedly demonstrated by this administration is a continuing national embarrassment. Tony "Snowbird" Snow went to George Washington University -- where, miracle of miracles, "GW managed to select an overwhelmingly pro-war student audience." How awesome is that?

Snow engaged in some brilliant wit, scorching in its cleverness: "When it comes to TV, Snow doesn’t watch Jon Stewart ('I can get a few yucks, too, if I put my mind to it,' said Snow)..." -- and he also displayed overwhelmingly powerful argumentation: "Yeah, it’s a war. What did you expect?" That wasn't just a one-off: "Sesno raised the question of WMDs and Osama bin Laden, to which Snow coldly replied, 'We’re arguing against things that have become folkloric.'"

Cogent and unanswerable. I am duly impressed.

Conjure this:
The former Fox radio host had two comments of note on the press: First, he doesn't feel that anyone can be "objective" in reporting. "God's objective. He knows what the truth is," he told the packed auditorium. "Everything else is scratching at the surface." Second, the White House is continuing its efforts to bypass the mainstream media when possible: As part of his messaging for the State of the Union speech this week, Snow hosted a conference call with 25 to 30 bloggers to discuss the President's agenda and speech.
I think it's wonderful that bloggers are now part of the media that endlessly toadies to the powerful and dutifully amplifies government propaganda. Lord knows, mainstream journalists aren't sufficiently shouldering their responsibilities in that area (see rule three). It's democracy in action!

I am intrigued by Snowbird's observation that no one can be "objective," save God. If that's the case, on what basis do the administration and its apologists endlessly criticize the "liberal media" for not reporting the "good news" and otherwise writing stories that fit into the government's preferred narrative? Isn't the "liberal media" just doing the best that any human being can, which is obviously imperfect and pathetically limited -- since only God "knows what the truth is"?

And anyway, how does Snowbird "know" that only God "knows what the truth is"? Isn't that just Snow's own "limited" human understanding? Isn't he just "scratching at the surface"? On what basis is he so certain on this point?

Hey, wait a minute. Could it be that God Himself imparted this tidbit to Snowbird, while He was giving Tony the latest briefing about the "good news" from Iraq? I guess that must be it.

I'm obviously not on even one of the important email distribution lists. And I'm not included in any of the conference calls that matter. So who do I complain to about this obvious oversight?

Yoo-hoooo!! Hey, up there!!! How about a couple of exclusive bulletins for me??

I'm sure leaving me out was just a clerical error, committed by some insignificant inferior angel. (The inevitable future demotion might be...um, painful.) I'll share all the news that I'm certain is going to arrive any second as soon as the embargo is lifted.

I'm waiting...