March 03, 2019

Help! Please

I've just published two posts. Two posts in a day! That hasn't happened in a while. I repeat that I meant it when I said a few months ago that I wanted to return to regular posting. I'm off to a decent start, while recognizing that it is only that, a start. The first post concerns Michael Cohen's Congressional testimony and related political matters; the second is about how remarkable animals are, and how much we can learn from them (a lot). I've already done some work on the second part of the Cohen essay; I'll publish it tomorrow or Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I am almost completely broke. I mean, completely. I rely entirely on donations to the blog for my income. Since posting has been very sparse in recent months, there have not been many donations. If it were not for 10-15 regular donors -- those people I regard as my personal angels -- I would have been out of business (in every sense) some time ago.

But I have no funds to pay the March rent, or for internet service, or for the phone, or for food. This is, as they say, BIG, SERIOUS TROUBLE. If you can help, in any amount at all, I will be deeply, eternally grateful.

And there will be quite a lost of posting in the coming weeks.

I also have to find a new home, so that I can move by the end of May. (They've finally scheduled this building for demolition, in case you missed that bit of news.) I admit I'm consumed by anxiety on that front, for several reasons. Sometimes I just want to scream for about 20 minutes, and/or break a lot of dishes. Hmm ... well, I'll hold off on that. For the moment.

Many thanks again for any help you may be able to provide. I'm enormously grateful for your understanding and patience.

Thank you.