August 02, 2018

Help, Please

My deep thanks to the ten people who responded to my last post. I'm more grateful than I can express.

Unfortunately, I'm still unable to pay the August rent, since I'm about $700 short of what is needed. Included in the $700 figure is money for internet and phone service, both of which are critical. I'm not including money for food, which would be nice, but, well, you can't have everything.

If I can't pay the rent by Monday, I will be in very serious shit. I'm sure the owners will begin eviction proceedings promptly. And if I have to deal with eviction in the next month or two, in the midst of this ghastly heat, that will be the end of me. I'm not being dramatic. I have no idea at all how I would survive it. Chances are, I wouldn't.

I'm trying to put together a couple of posts, and I hope to publish one or two over the next several days. Looking ahead to the very near future, I see that they're predicting temperatures in the mid-90s through all of next week. Please keep good thoughts for Sasha and me for the indefinite time ahead. (Hah, "indefinite," indeed.)

I will be profoundly grateful for any help you may be able to provide. I know this is tedious and tiresome -- but, if it causes you to feel a bit more forgiving with regard to my circumstances, be assured that however bad you imagine my situation to be, I can guarantee you it is far worse. I confess that I sometimes wonder (make that, often wonder) if I even want it to continue. But, for the moment, I refuse to give up. Despite everything, my very strong sense that I still have work to do remains close to indestructible, in large part because I see no one else discussing certain issues that I view as absolutely critical. Granted, that may be, in part, a self-protective mechanism. But I also think it's true. My work is not done.

Thank you for your attention and consideration. Sasha and I remain forever thankful for your kindness and generosity, even in this goddamned hellhole called Los Angeles.