July 30, 2018

Just Trying to Survive

I had genuinely thought that this past month would see some regular or at least semi-regular posting from me. I was enjoying writing again, and I looked forward to covering some topics I've wanted to discuss for quite a while.

And then the record-breaking heat wave began three and a half weeks ago. The first three days the temperatures were 108, 103 and 97. Then it leveled off in the mid-90s for several days. I don't know what the temperature was in my second floor, non-airconditioned apartment, but I do know it was unbearable. On three occasions during that dreadful week, I was within minutes of dialing 911. But my last experience with medical personnel was so terrible that I resist calling 911 unless I am close to completely convinced that I'll die if I don't. I was almost there, but then the worst of my symptoms would let up just a little, enough so that I would postpone calling 911 to another day.

I also didn't want to leave Sasha. I have a couple of neighbors who can look in on her and feed her if I'm in the hospital. But I wanted to stay with her, because I've never seen a cat suffer so in the heat before. She was panting like a dog some of the time and seemed very distressed. I did my best to cool her down, and somehow she managed to get through the worst of it too.

Even though the worst of the heat is over for the moment, it hasn't really cooled off here. The temperatures still hit highs between 87 or 88 and the low to mid-90s every day. It appears things will continue this way for another week or so. Yesterday, they predicted a high of 87; in the event, it was 94 at 2 PM. I add about five degrees to the predictions to protect myself from unjustified hope that I might one day feel cool again.

Sasha seems to have returned to her former self for the most part. But I'm a wretched mess at this point. I'm feeling slightly better than I did a week ago, but it's excruciatingly slow going. And even though I make brief notations about stories I want to discuss, I'm not capable of focusing for more than a few minutes at a time on subjects that are at all complicated (which is just about everything I want to write about). So I can't make any representations about when a new post will appear. I try my best every day, and that's all I can do.

It dawned on me over the weekend that the end of the month is almost here. Because I would like to survive this awful period, and because I would like to do some more writing as soon as I can, I have to ask for donations once again. I hate it; you hate it; I guess we can agree that we all hate it. But I have no other source of income. I'm close to completely broke right now, with nothing for rent, the internet, and so on. And screw the 911 call for me: I'd very much like to get Sasha to the vet, but with no money, that's impossible.

So if that $10 is burning a hole in your pocket, Sasha and I would happily put it to good use. Any and all donations will be most gratefully received, as always. And tomorrow morning, and the next morning and the morning after that, I will continue to try to do some writing. One of these days, my brain will start to clear up and stop feeling like a soggy mass of glop.

Many, many thanks for your great kindness. Blessings -- and coolness -- upon you, and all of us.