May 01, 2018

Birthday Blues

My apologies, but I've been much too sick to write. Most days, I'm too sick to get out of bed except for a few minutes here and there. This is far from a happy time, or even a bearable time.

And here it is, the first of the month again. As always, I'm inexpressibly grateful to all those who make donations. Without you, I'd be dead. No theatricality there, no exaggeration: dead, dead, dead. I trust the point has been made. Sadly, I find myself $500 short of what I need for rent and a few other beginning of the month bills (including internet service). Once again, Sasha and I are quickly running out of food. Donations will be received with overwhelming gratitude. I have until Saturday to make the rent payment; after that, it is officially late.

Saturday is also my birthday. Yeah, big whoop. Most years, I don't even mention it. I only hope that this year, I'm not contemplating the serious possibility of eviction on my birthday. I would say that such a prospect would be too cruel even for a God who has proven Himself to be one especially nasty bastard -- but it would be absolutely typical of Him, wouldn't it?

There is still some writing I want to do. I'm trying to figure out some way to get myself just a little bit "better" (all things are relative), so that I can get to it. I work on it every day, but it's simply very, very difficult at the moment.

So I'll keep trying. In the meantime, any spare change you might have would be a huge relief in these parts. Thank you, thank you for your time and attention -- and blessings on you for your kindness.