February 01, 2018

Still Struggling

My sincere and profound thanks to those who made donations in response to my post. I will be able to manage the rent ... just. Unfortunately, I remain about $300 short of what is needed for the "must pay" bills due early in the month (internet, payment on the one credit card I must have since I use it to pay for groceries, phone, and I'm including a little bit for food since ... well ... you know, eating).

Sasha and I would be tremendously grateful for any and all further donations. Not so by the way, Sasha seems to be pretty much okay now -- but there are a couple of things I would very much like a vet to check out, just to be on the safe side. But I would need at least another $200 or so to make that happen; it doesn't appear likely that will come to pass any time soon. So Sasha and I will both muddle on without medical attention. Sad, but there it is, and a lot of people face far worse circumstances, to be sure.

I continue to try to get some writing done for the blog. This week has been very tough physically, though. But I'll still do my best to publish some new posts in several days, hopefully by the early part of next week.

Many, many thanks once more, for your patience and understanding. I'm truly more thankful than I can say.