February 22, 2018

A Kind of Report

The past three weeks have been ghastly with regard to my health. I'm deeply sorry about the lack of posting, but I honestly have been unable to do much of anything, except for feeding Sasha and getting to the bathroom a few times a day. On many days, I ate almost nothing, since I didn't even have the strength (or interest, for that matter) to prepare anything.

I've also been terribly discouraged and depressed whenever I think about the writing I still very much want to do. Given how I feel most days, I simply don't see how I can write essays of the kind I prefer -- that is, essays which, at least in part, present a cogent argument, offer evidence in support of that argument, and address major objections that might be anticipated. But in the last week, I've dragged myself to the computer to read some articles about "Russia-gate" and related matters, and, well ...

There is an utterly astonishing amount of drivel and idiocy spread across the internet. Huge piles of stupidity tower all around us. Someday, perhaps very soon, those piles will collapse and bury us all. It will be Death by Dumb.

So I'm going to proceed with putting together some thoughts on matters that appear to be of concern at the moment. At least I have some self-awareness of my limitations, which is much more than can be said of 99.9% of today's commentators. Most of them seem to revel in their distortions and misrepresentations, viewing them as a form of higher enlightenment. Pompous pretension and stupidity do not constitute a winning or attractive combination.

Since my health has slowed me down a great deal, it may take me several days to get an article ready for publication, even one that doesn't measure up to my preferred standards. Yet I can assure you that, given my diminished capacities at the moment, whatever I publish still will not threaten you with destruction by metaphysical foolishness.

In the meantime, and while I am at work trying to untangle the story we're being force-fed (Spoiler Alert! There is something, actually several things, that are fundamentally "off" with the basic storyline for Russia-gate. The phrase which keeps bubbling up during my cogitations, in various iterations, is: "This just doesn't make sense."), circumstances compel me to ask for donations once again. I am flat, stone, dead-broke right now. Aside from a few dollars in change, I have no cash on hand. My credit card (used most importantly for groceries) is completely maxed out (again). In a few days, I will have no food left to eat. (Sasha is fine on the food front. The last purchase of food that I was able to make was for her.) I have a couple of bills that need to be paid in the next week, and I have absolutely nothing with which to pay them. And then, of course and damnably, the first of the month arrives still another time next week.

All of which means that any and all donations will be received with enormous demonstrations of gratitude. There is no way to properly thank those who have donated to keep me going during these difficult times. To be blunt, without my wonderful donors, I'd be dead, or very close to it. No, I'd be dead, and I'd most likely have been dead for some time.

So, thank you once more, a very profound thank you, for all your kindness, understanding, and patience. Now, to work, as best I'm able ...