January 28, 2018

Struggling Through

I'd very much hoped to have published at least a few new posts before I had to ask for donations again. Very sadly, my health has continued to be utterly rotten and debilitating; I have notes for a bunch of posts (with lots o' links), but I haven't been able to summon the energy and focus to complete them.

And now I'm overtaken by anxiety as another first of the month rushes in upon us. I am well and truly broke, with nothing for rent, the internet, or food. The food will run out in a few days. At this point, I can't even afford to buy aspirin, and my supply of aspirin will also run out by midweek. Since aspirin is the only "medication" I take for my bad heart at the moment, going without it could be seriously bad news.

Donations would be enormously welcome, to understate the matter considerably. Bless all of you who have been so kind and generous, and I'm desperately sorry to have to ask for your help yet another time. I will do my utmost to complete some posts during this coming week. I begin each day determined to do some writing, even if only for an hour or two. And each day, my physical weakness and a variety of pains and discomforts undo me.

But I'll continue to try to work through it. One of these days, very, very soon I hope, I'll succeed.

My very deep thanks for your consideration, and for your remarkable kindness.