October 03, 2017

Still Seriously Need Just a Little More Help

I offer my profound thanks to those who have made donations in response to my post of several days ago. Sixteen people have donated just enough to cover the rent and one other bill. Unfortunately, once those two obligations are met, I won't have anything at all left over for a few other bills (including for internet service), or for food. I can manage to scrounge together a few meals over the next day or two; after that, I'm out of food, period. $300-$400 would get me through this period (the internet bill alone is $80, thanks to the rotters at Time-Warner, oops, sorry, Spectrum, whatever). Donations in any amount will be very gratefully received, as always.

The writing continues to go well, at least as well as it can go at the moment. I'm nearing completion of the second article about the latest Ken Burns monstrosity. I expect to post it tomorrow (possibly later today, depending on how things go, but more likely tomorrow). And there are at least two other posts that I should complete in fairly short order; you can probably look for them toward the end of the week or over the weekend.

Many, many thanks once again. Bless you all for your kindnesses. Please don't ever think, even during my periods of enforced silence, that I take them for granted. I most assuredly do not.

See you again very soon.