August 02, 2017

We're Still Here

This will have to be brief. I'm in horrible shape physically, and we're in the midst of another awful hot spell. This has been a very hot summer; as regular readers know, the heat in combination with certain of my symptoms is especially terrible. (I live in a second-floor, non-airconditioned apartment, which makes the heat worse.)

But in the midst of the horrible, scary stuff, there are two pieces of good news. First: Sasha seems to be getting better! After seven months of Sasha appearing to slip away for good, several of her symptoms have gone away. She's stronger, and she's eating (fairly) regularly. Maybe all of those cuddle/loving/meditation sessions we spent together had some effect. Since we don't know what was wrong in the first place, we don't know what's changed. But she's better. I can't tell you what joy that brings me. Sasha is still not nearly as strong as I would like, and she still doesn't eat as much as I would prefer. For the moment, though, the downward slide has been arrested, and even reversed to some extent.

And I'm writing again. I'm at work on three new essays, including a lengthy one explaining my own view of the Age of Trump. Since I have yet to see anyone else say what I think needs to be understood about this particular phase of the decline of American Empire, I very much want to complete it and get it out there as soon as I can. The heat has slowed me down a lot for now, but I should be back to the writing in a few days. So some new pieces should be appearing, beginning next week.

Please allow me to offer my profound gratitude to all those who have donated in the last few months. And please allow me to apologize for the lack of thank-you notes. I sent out some notes of thanks two months ago or so, but I've been bedridden for most of the summer so far, unable to do much of anything (including getting out of bed). I was late with the June rent, but I managed to work that out with the landlord without tremendous difficulty, although it was a delicate operation in certain respects.

I just paid the August rent, along with a few monthly bills. This has left me close to broke again. I don't have any money for food, or for a few bills due next week (including the bill for internet service). A few hundred dollars would allow me to get through this next brief period of time, during which I can publish some new articles. Once I'm back to publishing, we can see where we are and go from there. That, at least, is my plan (such as it is) for now.

So, terrible physical health, poverty, and unbearable heat on the one hand; a miraculously recovering Sasha (aka The Most Wonderful Girl in the World), and a return to writing on the other. It could be worse, and I am painfully aware that for many people it is. Still, a few glimmers of hope can carry you a long way.

Many, many thanks for your interest and support. If you are able to help us through this next period, Sasha and I will be forever grateful.