April 01, 2017

Some Help, Please

I had promised myself that I wouldn't do another donation post until I had published at least one new, substantial article. I did that earlier today. I'm fairly satisfied with it, although, as with most of my writing, I'm forever seeing things that I wish I had done more elegantly, or more wittily, or just better. Writing that piece did establish one fact for me, which appears to now be unchangeable: it takes me considerably longer to put together an article than it did even a few years ago. Very rotten health and a continuing collection of symptoms of varying discomfort and pain will do that to you.

In any case, I'm beginning to get back in the groove, and I plan to begin the next essay in that series later today or tomorrow. I truly do enjoy the writing itself, and it's a wonderful distraction from the various problems infesting my life, including the questions surrounding Sasha's health. Sasha and I both have bad days and somewhat better days; neither of us appears to have a genuinely good day at this point. But we adore each other's company, and give each other lots of love. If this is the best available to us at this point, I'll take it, for as long as it lasts.

But criminy, it's the first of the month again. And no, regrettably this is not an April Fool's post. This is in deadly earnest. I'm about $600.00 short of what I need for rent and three other first of the month (roughly speaking) bills, including one for internet service. (I suppose it's more like $700.00, if you include incidentals like food -- not for Sasha, I have tons of food for her, if only she would eat more of it, but food for me when current supplies run out.)

I have until Wednesday of this coming week to pay the rent before it's officially late. After that ... well, possibly very bad trouble. So I need to get together whatever I can by Monday or Tuesday, to make sure the landlord has it on Wednesday, if at all possible.

I'm still in the process of sending out thank you notes to those who have made donations in the last month or two. As I indicated, it takes me much longer to do anything these days, including sending notes expressing my enormous gratitude to those who have been so kind and generous. So if you haven't heard from me yet, please be patient. You'll be getting a note from me in the next week or so. (I realize I now need to give myself a little more leeway with these deadlines. Unfortunately, my landlord and other creditors are not of so kindly a nature.)

In the meantime, if there are some of you who could spare some funds, in whatever amount, I could desperately use some assistance. It would be too cruel if, just as I'm finally ready to do some writing on a regular basis once more, I were forced to deal with the possibility of eviction. I will not have my life turned into a Charles Dickens novel, goddammit!

As always, my deepest thanks for your attention, and for the many kindnesses that you have shown me. I shall forever be grateful.