April 29, 2014

Still Hanging In

Just a brief word, to apologize for my absence from this space. It's been a ghastly month or so, one health scare after another. Also, a health scare involving one of the beloved felines. Cyrano seems to be fine now -- but he is nearing 16, so... Anyway, he's pretty much his normal, magnificent self again, for which I am tremendously grateful.

I'm slowing beginning to reassemble myself, but it may not be until the weekend or the beginning of next week that I manage to get some writing done. We've just begun a freakishly early heat wave -- and it's going to be in the nineties for the rest of the week. Oh, joy. Regular readers will know that heat like that has a pretty terrible effect on my health.

But we shall muddle through. All my immense gratitude to those of you who have been so kind; your thoughtfulness and support mean a great deal to me.

And the cats and I shall return! (They don't like the heat either. I hear Cyrano muttering, "It's April, for God's sake. What the hell??" He is not pleased.)