January 19, 2014

Open for the Day

I posted a lengthy, complex article late yesterday afternoon. I will say, setting modesty aside, that it is good. The essay concerns Obama's speech and certain patterns of thought that are instilled in most of us very early in life.

Following up on the latest hijinks with the tax folks (yes, it was the tax maniacs who swiped my bank account), I've reinstalled the PayPal link, but probably just for today. My PayPal account has been fine the last several days, and it should be fine on a Sunday. And I'd like to make it easier for anyone who might feel an overwhelming urge to make a donation. My bank charged me $170.00 in various fees in connection with the levy. So I'm out that much, plus the amount of the two bills that the small sum of money in the account was originally intended for. The grand total is over $300 in unexpected expense, on top of the fact that I was perilously close to broke to begin with.

So donations in any amount would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to at least be able to cover the unexpected levy expense, if possible. Many thanks, as always.

Are we having fun yet?

P.S. It remains the case that the mail is a very safe way to make a donation. If you want the details, please write me at arthur4801 at yahoo dot com. The cats and I would certainly welcome more snail mail penpals!