January 10, 2014

Could Use Some Help

Well, I managed to get some writing done this week. Here, here and here. Not bad, all told.

Very sorry I was out of commission during December. In addition to the ongoing, heart-related health problems, I was completely sidelined for a week by truly agonizing lower back pain. Have no idea what set it off. But walking even a few steps was unbearably painful, and getting in and out of bed was close to impossible (and made me want to scream every time I did it). I used a heating pad almost all the time, rested close to 24 hours a day (couldn't do anything else), and it began to subside as week two commenced. I'm now in week three. It's still not gone completely, and I have to be careful about sitting too long or moving the wrong way(s).

In any event, I seem to be getting back into writing form. Good, because there's a lot of stuff I want to cover. In the meantime ... yeah, you know. I'm close to broke. Until I get a little more money together, I've placed my last grocery order. I still have a few January bills to pay. And I have very little toward February rent.

So I would be enormously grateful for donations in any and all amounts. PayPal should be fine, and the link is at the upper right. To be completely certain your donation isn't diverted, the mail is the way to go. If you'd like my address, please write me at: arthur4801 at yahoo dot com. (I have a couple of outstanding inquiries about mail donations, and I'll answer them over the weekend.)

As always, please allow me to extend my enormous gratitude for the wonderful kindness and generosity many of you have shown. I'm more grateful than I can say.