January 15, 2014

And When the Rain Doth Fall...

To update my last post:

It appears the tax bastards are after me again. I think they swiped my bank account earlier today, although I don't yet have confirmation of that. But the money that was there to pay a couple of bills is gone, and my checking account is zeroed out. (Fortunately, there wasn't much at all there, but now I'll have to pay those bills twice in effect.) Although my PayPal account still seems to be all right, I've taken the link down -- if they're actively pursuing me again, the PayPal account will be their next stop. Fortunately again, I've already gotten everything except small change out of there. For the time being, it's donations by mail only. I still have a few inquiries to answer about mail donations, and I'll do that today and tomorrow. And I could use some further help, especially if the monsters are loose once more. (If you'd like my address for a donation by mail, please write me at arthur4801 at yahoo dot com.) Gee, do you think my good pal Petey would help me out? Especially since he's so devoted to dissenting voices and "fiercely independent" writers and all? No, you're right: not a chance in hell the shithead would help the likes of me.

And it had already been an entirely crappy week for different reasons completely. Perfect. I'll clarify what's going on as soon as it's clearer to me. In the meantime, I'll try to get a little blogging done in the next few days. Thank you again for your consideration and kindness.

P.S. Do feel free to write to Petey. Tell him he can solve all my problems and improve my life generally in a genuinely miraculous way -- and all for what he spends in A FEW FUCKING HOURS.

Just needed to get that out of my system. I would very much like to smash something at the moment. I know I have some old dishes around here somewhere...