September 15, 2013

Various Horrible Stuff

After having been absent from the blog for a while, I published a new article earlier today. As that post indicates, it is only the beginning of a discussion of a complicated subject. I expect there will be at least two more articles in that series. (In connection with the new piece, I encourage people to read "Losing Control" about WikiLeaks, since it provides an introductory analysis of some relevant issues.)

It's been a very difficult time, and things continue to be far from pleasant. The summer had mostly been wonderfully cool -- but then, in the second half of August, it got very hot. Then it cooled off a bit, and now it's hot again. Heat does terrible things to my health, so I'm in very bad shape right now. And the IRS crap goes on. (Background provided in links here.)

About that: the PayPal account can be safely used for the moment, and that will be true through this coming week. After that, depending on what happens with the IRS, it may not be usable for a while, perhaps even a long while. I have to provide a bunch of information to the IRS, and I don't know what they'll conclude once they have it. They may let up and make things somewhat easier for me, or they may not. I'll just have to wait and see.

To the extent possible, and to the extent wonderfully generous readers wish to donate, I'd like to use this last period of PayPal viability (possibly for a while, anyway) to put a little aside for the next few months. Since I don't know how awful or not those months will be, a financial cushion of any size at all would be enormously helpful; it might turn out to be an absolute necessity. It would also lessen my anxiety to a considerable degree, no small matter at the moment. So if you'd like to donate via PayPal, I'd be enormously grateful. (And I'll continue to get all donations out of the PayPal account as quickly as I can, so that I get the funds rather than the IRS -- although the IRS continues to say they won't swoop back in at least for the next short period of time.)

Of course, if you prefer to donate by mail, that's always available. (If you don't have my address, please write to me: arthur4801 at yahoo dot com. And I apologize if I've missed any earlier inquiries.)

I have to spend the next few days preparing all this crap for the IRS, so I expect the next post to appear Wednesday or Thursday-ish. Many thanks to all, as always.