July 18, 2013

Hey, Assholes!

This is a rude post. Don't say I didn't fucking warn you.

This is far too easy and much too obvious, but I'm going to say it anyway. The gross, offensive stupidity of many Americans deserves to be mocked so mercilessly that these idiots will be too ashamed ever to say another word on any subject whatsoever. Perhaps they'll be so thoroughly embarrassed, they'll crawl into a deep pit and pull the dirt in after themselves.

So Rolling Stone released the cover of its upcoming issue. The cover features what everyone acknowledges is a photo of a very attractive Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. And instantly, Americans are befuddled and hopelessly confused. "Oh, goshes and gee whizzikers and Jiminy Cricket," Americans wonder in a philosophical frame of mind. (This is what Americans' philosophical musings sound like. Not fucking kidding.) "How can it be that someone who is so evil can also be hot?" But Americans are certain they know the answer to that. Boundless ignorance brings many benefits; one is absolute certitude in the face of any thought that is even mildly complex or challenging.

"An evil person cannot be attractive! Make him ugly, and awful, and disgusting!" Americans have a solution to everything. Aren't they wonderful? And their probing examination of these difficult questions leads them to another conclusion: "If you don't make him ugly, and awful, and disgusting, that means you're evil!" And we thus are led inexorably, by means of subtle, delicately observed metaphysical perambulations, to a boycott of Rolling Stone, accompanied by idiot statements from idiot celebrities.

A short while ago, I heard some guy being interviewed on a local L.A. morning radio show (didn't catch the guy's name, but he's another idiot so who cares). He started by saying that covers of this kind are not at all unusual; among other examples, he mentioned that People magazine has featured rapists and murderers on its cover since the 1980s. For a moment, I thought that perhaps he wasn't a complete idiot. I should have known better. He went on to say that this is the first time we've seen a major boycott, and "this is SO GREAT!!!" He was almost shouting with joy. He declared that this represents "a major sea change in Americans' attitudes," and "we'll finally stop glamorizing evil people!"

Oh, yeah, you goddamned idiot? You going to stop glamorizing Barack Obama? Or Hillary Clinton? Or John Kerry? Or any of the other motherfuckers who are or have been leaders of a government that glories in its Murder Program and its Kill List, and exults in the fact that it claims the power to kill anyone in the world whenever it wishes, for any reason it chooses? Obama, Clinton and the rest are proud of their murders, and I know they'd tell you to stop your sniveling: after all, they've killed a hell of a lot more people than Tsarnaev. Give them the credit they deserve, asswipe!

Are you going to stop glamorizing the leaders of a State that carries out murder operations in numerous countries around the world, that has declared war on the weakest and most defenseless members of its domestic population, and that has incarcerated proportionately more of its people than any other country on earth?

Are you going to stop glamorizing the goddamned military, which now exists only to subjugate, brutalize and murder innocent people abroad, and constitutes the primary means by which the goddamned United States seeks to establish global hegemony? And are you going to stop glamorizing the fucking goddamned police, who need no excuse and no reason whatsoever to taser you, to destroy your home, to kill your dog, and to murder you and other members of your family?

Hey, shithead, I'm talking to you! You going to stop glamorizing all those motherfuckers?

No, of course you're not. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP.


Here's a modestly sensible article about this idiotic "controversy" (which I only read very quickly, but it seems basically sane). And I haven't yet read the Rolling Stone article -- but neither had any of these fucking morons when they started fulminating -- but here it is. Sounds like it might be quite interesting. Yeah, that's the kind of monster I am. A detailed, considered examination of Tsarnaev's life and background might actually offer issues worth thinking about. OMIGOD. [ADDED LATER: It is a very interesting article. I may write something about it; there are several points of particular interest, with broader implications.]

Also, I obviously cannot claim that the stress of my current walk on the tightrope over the abyss is the cause of my rudeness here. Regular readers know that I can be extraordinarily rude even when absolutely, totally calm. Evil motherfuckers -- and I mean Obama, Clinton, et al. when I use language of that kind -- tend to make me very fucking rude. Yeah, puzzling. Anyway, my stress about the IRS shit (explained here, here and here) is going through the roof, which is not especially helpful when you have a bad heart. Two days ago, I thought it might be horrible, but not too horrible. Yesterday, it became much more complicated. Basically, I want to run screaming through the streets and throw myself off a cliff.

I can still use, and desperately need, some additional help. If you're willing to make a donation by mail, please contact me at arthur4801 at yahoo dot com. (There are a few emails I still need to answer; I'll get to them later today.) It is not at all clear to me that I'll be able to survive much longer as things stand at the moment. Thank you very much; I'm enormously grateful to all those who have written, and I also extend my great gratitude to all those who have let people know about my situation in various ways.

That's it for the moment. Now I'm going to scream and sob into a pillow, until I'm so exhausted that I fall asleep.