June 23, 2013

Sorry for the Annoyance

Unfortunately, I must again plead for some donations if I am to have sufficient funds to pay next month's rent, as well as to cover a few necessary expenditures (such as for my internet connection, a bill which I won't be able to pay as things stand now). I'm essentially in the exact position I was when I made a similar plea toward the end of last month.

I have to do this far more often than I would choose for the obvious reason that I have a very small readership and, of that readership, only a few people make donations. As a result, I almost never have a financial cushion of even the smallest size, and disaster can arrive with any unexpected development. I once again offer my profound thanks to those who donate regularly; without these personal angels, I would have vanished from this spot long ago.

I have only half of what I need for the rent, and no money for anything else at all. Donations in any amount will be received with immense gratitude and relief.

Because I feel generally lousy most of the time these days, I'm not able to write as much as I want to. Nonetheless, I am pleased with the work in the past month. "The Ruling Class as Full-Time Sadistic Torturers" was interesting and provocative, in my own strongly biased view, and I was gratified to see that "Trained for Totalitarianism" got some attention (although I very much doubt it will lead to any efforts at widespread resistance of the kind I described, or indeed of any kind at all -- but, hey, if Americans want to let people in other countries do all the heavy lifting of protest and disruption, who am I to disturb their infinite complacency?). And two of my pieces on the NSA/surveillance stories raised issues that received very little coverage elsewhere (see here and here), and this third article on the same general topic also offered an important and often neglected argument.

And I am working on several new articles, the first of which should be published in the next few days. Some of the essays in progress are ones I have long planned to write and sometimes had promised would soon be forthcoming, but "forthcoming" has always meant far longer than I intended in recent years, often for reasons that I truly cannot control, such as my health. My sense of having severely limited time is very strong now, and there are some subjects I want to explore in much more detail, in large part because I'm not aware of other writers who are interested in doing so (a fact which causes me immense sadness). I am more convinced than ever that certain of these widely neglected subjects are critical to understanding and altering the disastrous course to which we appear to be so foolishly, and tragically, committed.

Many, many thanks for your kindness and attention. And a special blessing for the personal angels out there. (The angels also get kisses from both cats, Cyrano and Sasha, who bring me such great joy every day.)