May 28, 2013

Sometimes, People Are Simply Ridiculous, Preening, Pretentious Assholes

Par exemple, this.

It reminded me of something I came across quite a while ago:
I once went to hear Slavoj Zizek, the Slovenian psychoanalyst, analyse Psycho. He gave a live commentary over the film and, at one point, said: "Marion is a manipulative bitch. I am totally on Norman's side in this interaction." In Zizek's interpretation, the storeys of the Bates motel represent Norman's id (basement), ego (ground floor) and his superego (first floor), where his mother lives. The big moment, then, comes when he carries his mother's body from the superego down to the id.
Zizek can give master classes in assholery. Given much of the writing one comes across these days, I suspect he does. Of course, he has an unfair advantage. Psychoanalysts are among the stupidest, most pretentious people on the planet. Not joking.

P.S. I've watched the first seven episodes of the new season of Arrested Development. A huge disappointment. The magic's gone, and much of it is simply not very funny. I'm in no hurry to watch the rest. Period. The End.