January 07, 2013

This Is the Deadly Serious Part

I will offer a detailed argument concerning Obama's nominations of Brennan and Hagel (for CIA Director and Defense Secretary, respectively) in the next post. I'm still collecting my thoughts and organizing the material -- and steeling myself to deal with an absolutely colossal amount of dumbass shittery from nominally "dissenting" writers. One way of expressing the bottom line is this: the ruling class is far more expert and much cleverer at these games than most alleged "dissenters," who consistently do nothing to ameliorate the evils that beset us, but only make them worse by playing directly into the ruling class's hands. As I sometimes note, they do not constitute the ruling class because they're stupid. Remember: they're the ruling class. You're not. See how that works? Of course, writers (to say nothing of MSNBC hosts) who unwittingly (or not) provide immense aid to the ruling class thereby become very useful adjuncts to the elite (and thus enjoy all the lovely perks that accompany that status). As I said about Chris Hayes (and the observation applies to many more people):
"Dissent" like this is indispensable to the brutal, crushing system that is killing people around the world, and killing more and more of us here at home. The system allows for "dissent" of this kind and counts on it. It helps to foster the illusion of choice, and the illusion that the system can be "reformed from within." It makes people believe in the legitimacy of Hayes' sacred "democracy." And it represents no threat whatsoever to those in power.

The ruling class loves dissent like this. It's not "dangerous" in the smallest detail. If "dissenters" like Hayes didn't exist, the ruling class would have to invent them.
About Brennan, I will here note the following: told you so. In that entry, which was the first one I wrote about Petraeus's resignation, I explained why "it's never the sex." See a still earlier post for the fuller explanation as to why such concocted scenarios are only the cover stories for what is actually happening. I find it utterly amazing, as well as endlessly depressing, that writers who bring enormous skepticism to most other pronouncements from government officials voluntarily retire every analytic ability they possess when it comes to the subject of sex. As I pointed out, this is precisely why sex scandals are so popular throughout history, and why the ruling class regularly employs them. To believe that Petraeus resigned because of an affair puts one in the ranks of those who enthusiastically believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Toward the conclusion of that post concerning Petraeus, I offered two possible explanations concerning where the truth might lie. About the second explanation, I wrote:
But I consider the following of possibly much greater significance. From the end of the New York Times story:
Among those who might replace Mr. Petraeus permanently is John O. Brennan, the president’s adviser for domestic security and counterterrorism. Mr. Brennan was considered for C.I.A. director before Mr. Obama’s term began but withdrew among criticism from some of the president’s liberal supporters. Another possibility is Michael G. Vickers, the top Pentagon intelligence policy official and a former C.I.A. officer who is highly regarded by the White House.
John Brennan. My, my. What a conveniently small world it is.

If Brennan were to succeed Petraeus at the C.I.A., the White House would not only install Obama's first choice in that office, no small matter in itself. Of far greater importance is the fact that, aside from Obama himself -- and in certain respects, probably more than Obama -- Brennan is the single most critical person in the design and implementation of the government's Murder Program, as I recently discussed. If Brennan does finally head the C.I.A., do you think that would be a coincidence? I do not for a moment believe in coincidences of that kind, especially not with an administration as determined in its lethality as this one.

Think of it: John Brennan, who now is Obama's chief adviser on domestic security and counterterrorism goes to head the C.I.A. I'll tell you what that means to me: Obama and his fellow murderers are absolutely determined to bring the Murder Program home to America, and probably even more quickly that I had previously thought. I described the steps by which that might happen in the second half of the preceding post. [Please do take a look at that. You might find it instructive.] The unfolding nightmare that I described might very well lie in your future, America -- and in the not too distant future at that. Do you care?

To be sure, the administration could achieve the same end with another candidate if it wished, Vickers for example. But to be able to unleash the Murder Program on an even greater scale with the man who knows everything about it, and from his lofty perch at the C.I.A. ... it's a dream come true for these bastards. And that may well be the reason they decided to get rid of Petraeus.
I described further idiocies of the sex scandal cover story here.

Well. I'll have much more about this in the next day or two, when I will also discuss the Hagel nomination.

We often hear about the great values to be derived from "experience." We're told over and over about how crucial "experience" is to our efforts to understand and navigate the world. Among other things, many of the "dissenters" who now champion the Hagel nomination conclusively demonstrate that they have learned nothing from the last four years, including the many lessons they might have absorbed from the career of one Barack Obama. And that's most often the terrible problem of "experience": it's usually entirely wasted.

If it weren't so tragic in this case, and if it weren't far too likely to lead to still greater brutalization, destruction and death, it would be terribly funny. Perhaps we shall be able to extract a few moments of black comedy from our examination of these latest horrors. We'll see....to be continued.