December 18, 2012

Passing Thoughts, Proudly Offered with No Supporting Argument

One of the more horrifically amusing aftereffects of the Newtown murders is the spectacle of self-identified "libertarians" supporting involuntary commitment (e.g., here and here). Because, ya know, they're all about liberty and freedom. Maybe somebody should have asked them: liberty and freedom from what? It can't be freedom from bullets or murder, because these same people lovelovelove murder, conquest, exploitation, etc., etc. when the U.S. government pursues an aggressive and criminal foreign policy. But now we're told that, if "experts" agree and present "sufficient" evidence to the State demonstrating that an individual is an "imminent danger" to himself and/or others, we should start locking people up. And forcefeeding them drugs that are more than likely to make them "crazy" even when they weren't before, for "diseases" that for the most part don't exist except in the calculations of drug companies intent on amassing huge amounts of wealth (um, that is, even huger amounts of wealth), a task on which a compliant government is enthusiastically willing to collaborate. And very often, those in key governmental positions vis-a-vis the drug companies are those who have worked or will work for the drug companies themselves. Surely you didn't think the "mental health" industry escaped the corporatism that rules every other aspect of economic life in these glorious Yewnited States, didja? Surely not. It's all about the bucks, baby. And now Obamacare makes it even easier!

And liberals and progressives were happyhappyhappy to provide Obamacare! And they want to make sure insurance covers "mental health" problems ever more comprehensively -- so that, ya know, still more people will take drugs that are more than likely to make them "crazy," etc. and so on. And almost everyone believes, for example, that certain "mental illnesses" are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, and that the magic drugs correct those imbalances. Which is sweet and all, but actually there is scant to no evidence whatsoever to support those notions. Nope, most of what people believe on this subject is a pack of lies. It just happens to be a pack of lies that makes certain select companies and individuals fantastically rich. It's the American way! (That book has tons of facts and arguments, so I smuggled some in despite my headline. Ha!)

But people believe all that shit because Establishment "experts" tell them it's true. Honestly, have people learned absolutely nothing in the last ten years? What did foreign policy "experts" tell you about Iraq? What do they tell you about Iran? And what do Establishment "experts" on the economy tell you? Do you believe those experts? But when an expert has a medical degree and calls his opinions "science" (for which opinions he is frequently very handsomely paid by, tada!, the drug companies), almost everyone swallows all of it. (For a discussion of "experts" generally, see Part II, "The Claim to 'Special' Knowledge and Expertise," in this article. More smuggling!)

Well, all those drugs do accomplish one very important goal: they smooth out all the rough edges, deaden emotions and impair the brain (and lead to regrettable, regular episodes where people commit suicide, murder and other acts of violence, but oh well, eggs, omelettes, and all that) -- and they make people much more compliant and obedient. For an obedience culture, that's a big plus! That obedience trick works especially well with children, which is why more and more children are forced to take drugs -- but "scientific" ones! -- with every year that passes. Gotta get them early, you know.

I will have more to say on some of these points soon. But I have to wait for the nausea to subside. Hey, I'm sure there's a drug I can take for that! And I am feeling kinda blue. Aw, that's sweet. I've already received three emails from "medical experts" offering to write me prescriptions. They say the drugs will help with my "anger" issues, too. Obviously, in a country where the ruling class is intent on the destruction of vast numbers of people both at home and abroad, a country led by a deeply compassionate, weepy president who just happens to have a goddamned Kill List, there's absolutely nothing to be angry about, for heaven's sake. No sirree! God, I love this country! See, I'm better already.

Honest to Christ, folks. Are people ever going to WAKE THE FUCK UP? Oh, gee. I guess that sounded kinda angry, huh? Medicate me!

That is all for now.