November 06, 2012

I Wuz Rite. Fuck.

Yeah, I wuz.

I find that ... not very interesting, personally. As the returns were coming in, I kept thinking: "Oh, please let Romney win! Puuuhleeeez!" Not, you understand, that I wanted the motherfucker to become president. I don't want any motherfucker to become president. (See the discussion here, particularly in the second half of the essay, about how profoundly and severely damaged someone has to be to want that kind of power.)

But if Romney had won, that would have meant that I missed something in my analysis. Or didn't calibrate the different elements involved the right way. Now that would have been interesting to me. I would want to figure out how and why I got it wrong. But ... I didn't. Oh, well. Maybe I'll make lots of mistakes tomorrow!


Aw, fuck. Honestly, I can't think of anything else to say at this particular moment. I mean, Jesus H. Fucking Christ. Another four years of this shit?!?!?!?!?!

Cats. I need the cats. Cyrano! Sasha! Let's get ready to go to bed, sweethearts.

Sasha is my darling little girl. She curls up right next to my face, and we go to sleep with my arm around her. Cyrano is my big, gorgeous guy (deep orange! with a white tummy and paws!), and he curls up in the small of my back. Then, later on, we all turn over, and Cyrano sleeps next to my face, and Sasha curls up in my back. Heaven. (I have lots of pictures of them, but I can't find the connector thingy. It's around here somewhere. I'll find it. Then you'll see them, and you'll fall in love, too. Everyone falls in love with them. They're perfect, and sweet, and beautiful, and funny, and ... well, you know.)

Now that is important stuff. All this crap tonight is just that: crap.

At least if Romney had won, a few Democrats might have thought: "Hey, you know, maybe it's not such a great idea to keep killing thousands of innocent people all around the world..." And maybe the Democrats wouldn't have all been gung ho about fucking all of us to death. Not that the end result would be any different, which it wouldn't, but still .. there might have been just a little resistance. But since Obama's been reelected...

It's going to be brutal. Cruelly, viciously brutal. For a lot of people, everywhere.


Aaaaahhhhhh. Okay. Deep breaths.

Bed. Cats. We can examine the entrails some more in a day or two.

Now all of you take good care of yourselves, and of each other. If you don't have a few cats, WHY NOT? Dogs are good, too. And some humans.

Oh, God. Four more years of this ...

Okay. Bed. You go to bed, too.

Isn't this a great fucking country? No. No, it most definitely is not.

Oh, I almost forgot. In the popular vote counted thus far, we already have approximately 90 MILLION ACCOMPLICES TO MURDER.

I always try to end on a happy, cheerful note. 90 million accomplices to murder. So when all the votes are counted, there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 million accomplices to murder. So I was right about that, too.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

And with that thought, I am truly at a loss for words for the moment.