November 24, 2012

Because I'm an Idiot Sometimes

Now, now. You don't want to go thinking things like, "Yeah, like that's news." That would be mean. We know how awful and unforgivable it is to be mean. We are civilized and respectable. Always. Fuck, yeah!

Okay, here's the thing. I had intended to mention that I actually did discuss Chris Hayes and related stuff before -- before, that is, this post yesterday. And then I completely forgot about it, until a few minutes ago. I didn't actually discuss those issues, as much as I tried to distill what I consider to be the essence of how "dissent" of this kind works. And I presented the whole thing in the form of black comedy (or perhaps red, but you'll see why I say that).

It may actually be more effective following my discussion and this one about these dynamics. And it has some nice touches, I think. I do like Sandra Goalong from CLIBUGER (Civil Liberties But Get Real). I like Johnny Mebbenuts, too. A pity what happens to him. Well, he brought it on himself. I think I captured pretty accurately how certain arguments from "dissenters" work.

If you wonder about Doug's last name, just spell it backwards. That's what I did. A frightfully common word nowadays.

So come along, and enjoy an episode of: Down with Doug!