January 04, 2012

Still Here, Very Sick

[Update added.]

I'm in very bad shape at the moment. Kind of scary times here. I'm sorry to say that's about all I'm capable of saying right now. The articles I'm working on and want to publish next are complicated. When I run through the arguments my subjects require, I heave a deep sigh and think: "Dear lord, I can't possibly explain all that when I feel this terrible." (Although such concerns seem to be no impediment to most bloggers, so perhaps I should offer a string of undefined terms, incoherent or nonexistent arguments, and unsupported assertions. Then ... success!)

So I'm stuck in this remarkably unfriendly and barren territory. I hope a path out of here will reveal itself soon. For the duration, I ask for your understanding and indulgence.

UPDATE: Lots of talk about Iran these days. A reader reminded me of this article of mine, from almost five years ago: "So Iran Gets Nukes. So What?" Change just a few specifics, and it could have been written this morning. As for what is likely to happen in the wake of an attack on Iran, and concerning the meaning and significance of such a monstrous act, see: "Morality, Humanity and Civilization: 'Nothing remains ... but memories.'"

Those articles are good, and not a single one of my major arguments requires modification or revision. So if you want to know my views on this subject, read the earlier pieces (and there are links to additional articles, as well). Even if I were in perfect health, I would refuse to go through all of this again.

One of the most dispiriting aspects of the loathsome politics of our time is that nothing ever changes. We've been having the same arguments over and over and over ever since I began blogging, now closing in on ten years ago. Christ. It's unbelievably depressing. Ah, correction: some change is involved. For those of us who are not members of the ruling class or among the favored chatterers who find "success" in this sickly atmosphere (and I locate all "major" bloggers and well-known "dissenting" voices in the second category), everything gets steadily worse.

And you thought I couldn't find a cheerful thought for the New Year! Nuts to you! Hahaha. Oh, yes, I can still laugh. I laugh a lot these days.