July 07, 2011

Profiles in Courage

Atrios, July 7, 2011:

Elite Fail

Obama wants to cut Social Security, the ECB just raised interest rates...

We are ruled by horrible people.
by Atrios at 08:18
Atrios, February 12, 2009:

I believe this is what we in the professional blogging biz call "trolling," but I'll bite. The Left, including yours truly, will create an epic 360 degree shitstorm if Obama and the Dems decide that cutting Social Security benefits is a good idea.
by Atrios at 09:30
We should endeavor to understand Atrios's priorities. It's difficult to "create an epic 360 degree shitstorm" when you willingly participate in the meaningless charades arranged by the ruling class. C'mon, it was a "big twitter town hall"! There are only so many significant thoughts a "leading progressive blogger" can entertain within a couple of days.

One might observe that those who aid the ruling class in their games of deception are an exceedingly useful adjunct to that ruling class. It's so helpful to keep those people who might otherwise consider a very different course of action distracted, weak and thus firmly in line. One might even say that those "leading bloggers" who repeatedly behave in this manner are only doing the ruling class's bidding. It would appear they are happy to do so. They certainly lead lives of considerable comfort, unlike so many other Americans. One might begin to suspect that certain bloggers are themselves members of the elite (pipsqueak division) they purport to criticize so severely. (I suppose one might call that something like "The Fatal Illusion of Opposition.")

One might make such observations. I, of course, could not possibly comment.

P.S. And does anyone doubt that Atrios, et al. will support and vote for Obama and Democrats generally next year? We may be assured that they will. And you should, too, because the Republicans are crazy!

That's a cue:
I always especially enjoy that argument from liberals and progressives. "Oh, the Democrats might be doing most of the same things, well, practically all the same things, and maybe some of the things Obama's doing are even worse ... but the Republicans are crazy!"

Yeah, I see how that works. Obama and the Democrats do all this -- and they're entirely sane. They know exactly what they're doing, why, and even what the effects will be.

This, we are repeatedly assured, is a notable improvement, for which we should be properly grateful.
It would appear that certain people prefer their pillaging, rapacious, murdering, torturing leaders to exhibit full self-awareness and to be completely in control of themselves at all times. No insanity defense for them!

The Democrats and their supporters know precisely what they're doing. That is: they are doing exactly what they want to do.

They themselves endlessly emphasize this fact. We may therefore pass judgment accordingly.