December 07, 2010

Goddamned Bastards

[Update: As a further measure of exactly where we are now, I have the following question: Are you ever sorry you missed the 1930s in Europe? Don't be.]

On the latest news concerning WikiLeaks, including the arrest of Julian Assange, I strongly recommend that you read Chris Floyd immediately: "Truth in Chains." Then you should read this related Floyd article.

Floyd covers several issues that I view as of critical importance and deserving of additional commentary. And there are some further considerations regarding WikiLeaks in general that I've been intending to address for a while.

Unfortunately, I'm going through an especially bad period right now health-wise. I hope it will pass in another several days. So all that will sadly have to wait at least until the end of the week. (Several people have written about my last post. I apologize for my delay in responding, but that too will have to wait a few days. In the meantime, many thanks for your kindness, and my immense gratitude to those who have so generously made donations.)

I'll be back as soon as possible. There are some issues I'm especially eager to discuss. The recent developments concerning WikiLeaks and Assange in particular fill me with immense rage, and they also cause me profound sadness. I'm not in the least surprised that the murderous bastards who rule us and much of the rest of the world are so intent upon destroying him and WikiLeaks, as all my writing on WikiLeaks has made clear from the beginning. They perceive all too clearly the very significant threat WikiLeaks represents.

Still, to see the vicious motherfuckers pursue destruction and death with such grisly, insatiable, bloodthirsty determination ... it's the stuff of nightmares. As Floyd remarks, the nightmare is our life, as it has been for some time:
WikiLeaks will doubtless try to struggle on. And Assange says he has given the entire diplomatic trove to 100,000 people. By dribs and drabs, shards of truth will get out. But the world’s journalists – and those persons of conscience working in the world’s governments – have been given a hard, harsh, unmistakable lesson in the new realities of our degraded time. Tell a truth that discomforts power, that challenges its domination over our lives, our discourse, our very thoughts, and you will be destroyed. No institution, public or private, will stand with you; the most powerful entities, public and private, will be arrayed against you, backed up by overwhelming violent force. This is where we are now. This is what we are now.