November 28, 2010

Bring the Bastards to Their Knees

That's my basic initial reaction to the latest, huge document dump by Wikileaks. The Guardian has an excellent summary with lots of links.

I set out the reasons for that reaction a few days ago. I stand by everything I wrote, multiplied by a hundred or a thousand. And to Julian Assange and the others who played roles in this and other releases, I say again: Bless you, a million times.

It is marvelous to see various U.S. officials reacting like pathetic, cornered rats; the Guardian story provides several examples. If this Wikileaks release slows down the U.S. machinery of death and destruction to any appreciable extent, Assange and the others will be owed still another debt that can never be repaid. "A worldwide diplomatic crisis"! Fantastic.

Magnificently done.