August 05, 2010

Feeling Young Again, One More Blessed Time

[Update added, to clarify an occasionally confusing issue.]

Okay, unpleasant task to be performed. As usual, my timing is exemplary. Ahem.

Since I've undoubtedly succeeded in pissing off some entirely new people (maybe even groups of new people!) -- leftists in my Wikileaks series (see this part in particular), and some liberals/progressives in this post -- this is obviously the ideal time to ask for donations. See how I plan ahead?


So anyway. I've paid the August rent (and just gotten the notice that my rent will reflect its annual increase as of September 1, going up by $27), together with a few additional first of the month bills. And I'm down to a few hundred dollars.

As I always do on these occasions, I emphasize that I well understand most people are hurting very badly right now. On top of that, I still hope that some of you have been able to donate to Bradley Manning's defense fund or will consider doing so. As to why I think you should, please see the concluding section of this essay.

But if you should have five bucks burning a hole in your pocket after all that, the cats and I can use it! Donations in any amount at all would be greatly appreciated. The cats are both turning over on their backs, begging to have their beautiful tummies rubbed. I'd post pictures of the little angels, but I don't have a camera. Can't afford one! I'm miserably poor, and that's the hideous truth.

I'm never going to be able to afford regular medical care of any kind, so who knows what's happening with my bad heart. Probably nothing good. But it'd be swell to have money for food for the kids and me, and to start putting some away for next month's rent, which will be due before I know it.

And not that anyone asked, but I think the Wikileaks series offers some of my best writing in a while. (A few emails concur in that judgment. I'm especially proud of this part and this one.) I realized the other day that Julian Assange has provided me a great gift and raised my spirits in the same way Jeremiah Wright did: he's radicalized me still more deeply, and he's made me feel young again. I haven't enjoyed the act of writing itself with this kind of intensity in a long time. It feels like a burning intensity, and it's altogether wonderful. Now if only my body would follow my spirit's lead ... (it does actually, in some small ways, and I'd like to believe that such alterations in our perspective could effect astonishing, major bodily changes, but I don't ... well, not really ... so I continue to work on improving my enlightenment...:>))

Okie dokie. You know the score. No other sources of income, I live solely on what I get in donations, etc. and so on. I am genuinely, profoundly grateful to all those who help keep this and me going. And those people who make regular donations have my very special thanks, as always.

Off now to rub Cyrano's and Wendy's bellies. Oh, it would be terrible if those bellies got smaller because of food scarcity ... okay, I'll stop that. That is absolutely not fair. Sorry. Haha.

Many thanks, kind readers.

UPDATE: When you use the Paypal button to make a donation (and a multitude of thanks again, if you do), it indicates you're "purchasing" not this blog, but The Sacred Moment, which is my other blog (listed on the righthand side on the main page here). The Sacred Moment was originally meant to be my primary blog, but that obviously changed. Once this had become the main blog, I'd intended to move all the posts at The Sacred Moment over here and delete the other blog entirely. But I can't do that now: a number of people and sites link to the Alice Miller essays over there, and I want to make sure that link continues to work. Most importantly to me, Alice Miller's site itself links to them. (More recent Miller articles of mine are listed here.)

In any case, donations to The Sacred Moment come to me as well. It doesn't make any difference. As to the "purchase" terminology: Paypal has changed that from "purchase" to "donation" and back to "purchase" several times (only once at my request, when I pointed out to them that I in fact request donations, and no one is "purchasing" anything). I doubt I can do anything about that. I'll try again to change the donee designation to Once Upon a Time... (or to "Arthur's blog" or something similar), but when I've tried in the past, I've been unsuccessful.

I'm sorry for any confusion this has caused. (I've just received a couple of emails inquiring about it, hence this explanation.) I know it can be annoying. It annoys me! I shall endeavor to fix everything, ensure peace and tranquillity for all creatures unto eternity, and make certain every home has as many puppies and kittens as it wishes. And once all that is done, I'll do some more blogging!

Many thanks again to all.