June 27, 2010

Why the Ruling Class Frequently Fills Me with Blinding Rage

Today's example:
In an EXCLUSIVE interview on “This Week,” CIA Director Leon Panetta said that making progress in Afghanistan is both "harder" and going more slowly than anticipated.


"Is the strategy the right strategy? We think so," he said. "I think…the key to success or failure is whether the Afghans accept responsibility, are able to deploy an effective army and police force to maintain stability. If they can do that, then I think we’re going to be able achieve the kind of progress and the kind of stability that the President is after," Panetta said.
Of course, the President knows best, for the Afghans, for those in Pakistan and Iraq and Iran, for you, for me, for everyone every goddamned where. Nothing could possibly be more important than making the President happy.

And: "whether the Afghans accept responsibility..." I suppose I shouldn't be too hard on Panetta. After all, truly educated and insightful people understand that the only reason blacks had to endure centuries of the immense evil of slavery, then a century of Jim Crow, and the continuation in many forms of institutional racism today (plus countless instances of individual racism) is that blacks won't accept responsibility. Well, fuck, I just remembered: Obama actually said that about black fathers. God damn.

Earlier examples of the same disgusting perspective, from Hillary Clinton:
Our troops did the job they were asked to do. They got rid of Saddam Hussein. They conducted the search for weapons of mass destruction. They gave the Iraqi people a chance for elections and to have a government. It is the Iraqis who have failed to take advantage of that opportunity.
And, natch, from Barack Obama:
It's not change when [McCain] promises to continue a policy in Iraq that asks everything of our brave men and women in uniform and nothing of Iraqi politicians..."
In response to Obama, and to Hillary Clinton and to almost every member of the national ruling class (and to more Americans than I care to think about), I wrote the following in, "The Triumph of the White, Male Ruling Class: One Fucking Great Country" (published in June 2008):
The condescending superiority of this perspective is unassailable and unchangeable. (In yet another loathsome example of the identical mentality, John Kerry has also said the same thing.)

Listen up, Obama, you cheap, lying fraud: the United States government launched a criminal war of aggression against a nation that never threatened us. It continues a bloody, murdering occupation which does nothing but worsen the agony of the Iraqi people. We have no right to be in Iraq at all. We never did. The actions of the United States government have led to a genocide of world historical proportions.

Genocidal murderers and those who support and enable them -- as you do, Obama, since you vote to fund this continuing crime -- do not get to "ask" one single goddamned fucking thing of their victims. Not. One. Single. Goddamned. Fucking. Thing.

Get it, you pathetic little asshole?

Ah, I must correct myself. Genocidal murderers and those who support and enable them do get to ask one thing: they can beg all the victims for their forgiveness. Otherwise, get out in a matter of months. Not just "combat troops," [or contractors, I now add] but every last American -- out. And, no: genocidal murderers and those who support and enable them do not get to decide how to "responsibly" leave the scene of their own crimes. What, exactly, do genocidal murderers and those who support and enable them know about behaving "responsibly"?
As my earlier title had it: One Fucking Great Country.

America, Fuck YEAH!

I can't find the words any longer to express my loathing for these people.