December 05, 2009

'Tis the Season for Giving

So if you can, please give a little here.

This is an entirely selfish request on my part. If I had any "extra" money myself (I don't and haven't for years, as regular readers know far too well), I'd happily give some to Violet. Sadly for me, I only started reading her regularly in the last month or so. As one example of the resulting interesting exchanges, you can look at this post and the comments.

Much more importantly, there's this recent post of Violet's. Her efforts in the critical area of challenges to the prevailing power structure are of vital significance in my view. This ties into my article here, and I will soon be continuing that series and offering my own thoughts about particular issues around which a new coalition could be formed. (My impossibly quick take on the two very broad issues which could be the basis of such a coalition are anti-corporatism [see here for a recent discussion of same, with regard to corporatism and the problem of global warming, entirely apart from the specifics of your own view of that problem] and anti-Empire [see lots of my essays; here's one]. Clearly, that must be filled in with a huge amount of detail; as I say, hopefully soon for all that.)

So I very deeply want all such efforts to continue, especially when they are pursued by a person of startlingly incisive intelligence and impressive knowledge. This isn't to say that I agree with Violet about each and every issue; as a lefty-anarchist, I obviously don't -- but as explained in my earlier article, I don't consider such full agreement possible or, more significantly, necessary. I think it will be of great value to figure out in detail where agreement can be found and how a meaningful challenge to the existing system might be mounted. (Certain issues properly should and must be non-negotiable, but not all.)

Many (most? all?) of us are hurting right now, some of us a lot. I know that to ask for help for ourselves or others represents an impossible extra burden for many people to shoulder. Violet herself acknowledges that very graciously. But those of us who aren't demonstrably insane and/or destructive and/or manipulative and/or intent upon power and nothing else at all seem to dwindle in number with each day that passes. So I think we need to help each other out to the extent we can.

Ha! I just talked myself into it. So I'm sending Violet $10.00. I can manage that.

Please do what you can.