December 03, 2009

The Only Honorable Course

In connection with discovering or reinforcing what that "honorable course" is, I urge you in the strongest possible terms to read every word of this latest Chris Floyd article immediately.

I hope you read Floyd every day. Here he has provided a distillation of all those elements that set his commentary far, far above what almost anyone else has to offer.

So again: please read it. I also urge all those so inclined to leave the link to Floyd's magisterial article everywhere you can.

(Very fortuitously for me, I'm working on a series of essays related to Floyd's themes in this latest piece, and I hope to start publishing them in the next several days. I will be so bold as to mention one earlier article of my own which addresses much the same subject matter: "The Honor of Being Human: Why Do You Support?" That piece contains an excerpt from Arendt which merits scrupulous attention, especially in these terrible times.)