October 09, 2009

Depraved, Obscene Absurdities

[Update added.]

Almost no one will acknowledge the single, fundamental truth about Barack Obama, the truth of greatest and most terrifying consequence:

Barack Obama is a war criminal.

Many facts overwhelmingly and conclusively compel this judgment, and no other. Not because I say so, but because an honest application of the relevant language of international law, as well as of the Nuremberg Principles, necessitates the conclusion. Read that earlier post. Try, for pity's sake, try to understand it. It's not complicated.

Yet, as I've discussed in numerous essays, almost all Americans and much of the world (at least, the elite establishment of the world, i.e., the ruling class) are engaged in a monumental exercise of denial and avoidance. This damnable business has gone on for centuries, to be sure, but it has gathered terrible force in the last several decades. Today, the lethal force of this worldwide denial could easily lead to destruction on a scale never seen, not even in the last World War.

History, facts, unimaginable brutality, torture, widescale murder, bodies ripped apart, guts spilling out of blood-drenched bodies, arms, legs and heads sundered and tossed aside to be gnawed on by starving animals, souls destroyed, never again to experience joy or happiness for even a moment -- all of this is minimized, ignored, denied, even mocked as the perpetrators of this immense evil and those who enable and support them (which is most people) claim that those who identify the truth are "exaggerating." "Oh, don't be such a doomsayer. Don't be so gloomy and dire. It's not that bad!"

These denials are easily known to be lies: an honest observer need only open his eyes, look and see. This is precisely what the great majority of people will never do.

As only two examples out of hundreds here: read this, and then this from yesterday, which concerns a crucial instance of cultural denial: the unrecognized and unspeakable cruelty visited by most adults on children. That is where the possibility of future cruelty and barbarism is implanted. The kind of brutality and monstrous criminality embodied by the United States -- and by Obama -- does not arise out of nothing. You might ask yourself about its source. But, as discussed in the earlier post (and in the numerous linked essays), almost no one cares to investigate such matters, for that would be far too threatening to the lies which sustain most people's lives.

When you engage in denial, avoidance and lies on this huge a scale, you make possible this. In fact, my title here is very close to the title of the next part of the "Fools for Empire" series: "The Depraved Obscenity of America's Lies, and the Terrible Costs of Denial." That essay should be completed in the next several days.

Large-scale denial and avoidance impose terrifying costs. Today's story may simply be absurd, and it undeniably is. The man or woman, or child, whose life and mind are seared beyond recognition in the next minute, and hour, and day, and year, in all the nightmare years to come, is condemned to torment and death by the lies upon which we insist, the lies we refuse to give up or even question.

These abominable lies will kill you yet -- but not until they've killed an unforgivable number of other people. Of course, just a few more individuals could decide to tell the truth, perhaps just one small truth a day. Is that truly too much to hope for, a fool's dream? Is it?

You tell me.

UPDATE: See also, which concludes with this: "No, really: Barack Obama just used his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to reiterate his threats against Iran."

Depraved. Obscene. Absurd. Maintain the lies, and this is not only the present, but the bloody, sickening future.