May 29, 2009

End of the Month Usual

With apologies for the dictates of the calendar and the necessity for these requests, I will humbly direct your attention here. Everything is pretty much the same as described in that entry from a month ago, except that I've felt remarkably terrible health-wise for the last day or two. At the moment, I'm experiencing a distracting amount of discomfort and pain of several kinds, in addition to which I'm so exhausted that I'm sleeping about 16 hours a day. This is not precisely helpful in my efforts to get some writing done.

I hope this episode passes in another few days. I'm pleased with some of the articles I've posted in recent weeks. The essay about "The Troops" received some notice, which I found very satisfying. Lots more where that came from, once my ability to focus for more than a few minutes at a time returns.

As always, my sincere gratitude for your consideration, and for the remarkable generosity displayed by some readers. I managed to put together a post earlier today; the fearsome prospect of Terrorist Pianos of Doom! will dependably revive me for a little while. But shortly, the cats and I will return to our hopefully restorative slumbers...(It always works for them, and I keep asking them to tell me their secret. But they appear to be advocates of the pedagogical method of showing, rather than telling. So I study them with great care. One day, their wisdom shall be mine!)